Lim Kim


One of my new favorite solo artists. Lim Kim has a very beautiful and unique sounding voice. Many of her songs sound “airy” (or that’s at least what I call it) and sultry, like music for a rainy day. In fact, she even has a song called “Rain” :D. Part of what makes her stand out to me is that she seems less focused on being cute and more focused on her music; so if you’re looking for something a bit more mature sounding than say Girls Generation, Lim Kim might be what you’re looking for.

K. Will


K. Will’s music usually consists of R & B ballads and upbeat pop songs. His videos are quirky in that he rarely shows up in them and if he does, he’s not the main character. This is probably due in part to the fact that he is older than most famous solo artists (31/32 if you are going by the Korean way of counting age) or it could be just a choice.

Lee Hyori


Like Lim Kim, Lee Hyori has a very unique voice; although, hers is deeper and leans more toward “sexy” or sensual. Her music videos are usually interesting to watch as she tends to break conventional Korean standards of beauty (tan skin, playing a man in her video) and not take things so seriously. Her songs are really catchy, so even if you don’t understand the lyrics you’ll find yourself singing them anyway.

Jay Park


Jay Park is the former leader of the group 2PM but left after a major scandal arose (but we won’t get into that and open old wounds). Since then, he has become a successful solo artist. His songs transition from Hip Hop to Rap to R & B and even to Pop. He’s known for his dancing ability which he utilizes regularly. He has swagger as well as an unexpected boyish charm. For instance, videos like “Abandoned” and “I Like 2 Party” display his smooth and more aggressive side, but videos such as “Joah” and “Tonight” are more gentle and reveal his natural cuteness. For the most part, he pulls off both images well. Kpop is infamous for its engrish, but Jay Park was born and raised in the United States for 17 years, so his english lyrics are perfect.



The wild and hilarious leader of BigBang, G-Dragon was one of the first Korean artists I discovered when I first got into Kpop. G-Dragon’s style usually goes between Hip Hop and Rap music (such as in “Crayon” and “MichiGO”), but also delves into Electro-Pop with songs like “Breathe.” He has a very recognizable style in his music as well as his music videos. His videos are typically off the wall and a bit odd, but always entertaining.



CL is a female rapper and the leader of 2NE1. My sister and I call her “Female G-Dragon” because their styles are similar and they even resemble each other slightly. Both tend to dress closer to what American Hip Hop artists dress like. She’s very confident and acts “gangsta” in her videos. She’s also fluent in English as she’s done several interviews completely in English.



Taeyang was one of the first Korean artists I was introduced to via BigBang. I really enjoy listening to his solo albums as well. His style is very hip hop and R & B; my sister and I call him “Korean Ne-yo” because their styles of music, as well as their voices, sound so similar. My personal favorite song of his is “Wedding Dress.”


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